Windows Phone 7 Let's get started!

My first Windows Phone 7 App :)

NFC API for Android

This weekend, I've taken advantage of bank holiday to pay attention to NFC API for Android, developed by Trusted Logic and NXP . My first impression of this API is quite good because if you know how to develop using LibNFC, it'll easy to develop using this one.

I've no idea how to develop using J2ME, but this API looks familiar if you're Android developer and have experience developing with the Bluetooth API.

I profoundly believe NFC is a technology which is going to open doors in many ways to our handsets. As the revolution of apps in Android Market or Apple Store, we need to stay tuned to new app and people's imagination because if we don't have any idea of NFC, we'll get surprised about what NFC can do.

I'm excited to see this API and I'm looking forward to seeing the implementation as part of Android and smart phones manufactures brings new phones with this technology :)

Glucose meter app on Android Market

The glucose meter app for Android is on Android Market. It's only available for Android 2.0 and above because it's required bluetooth API. No worries I'm working on Android 1.6 without bluetooth connectivity.

UPDATE: It's on the market from Android 1.5 without bluetooth connectivity.

This is the project website, where you can find out more information:

By the way, It's a beta version so please let me know any bug or suggestion is welcome :)

Glucose meter application, mHealth on Android

The next video shows how a glucose meter or glucometer is connected to Android phone, Nexus one in this case, to help people with diabetes.

Probably all details aren't noticed but the first screen it's a simple graphical interface where the last glucose level is showed. Perhaps you don't know what it means, is it good or bad? For that reason a red, yellow or green circle is shown depending on the glucose level.
There is another screen more which describe a glucose level evolution in the time. If you tap a circle, you'll get more information about the glucose level, for example, the precise value, date of sample, sensor information.

This project is still under development therefore it isn't available on Android Market yet. Soon I hope it'll be a good tool for diabetes control :) The project is carrying on Kingston University has given me the opportunity to play with a glucose meter.

Magic coin for Android

I'd like to open this blog as an excuse to write and practice English. Besides, I'd like to show in the blogs my last apps, experiments and share ideas. So let's start with a magic video because since I was a child, magic is a thing I always love.